Monday, February 22, 2010

free cloth diaper giveaway!

Become a fan of cloth diapering. There is a contest to win a free diaper on facebbok! Become a fan of the page and they might select you from a drawing!



  1. Ok, so I should post a link to my online store..... There's nothing in it, b/c I am too busy to make any diapers right now! :)
    ha ha made you look!
    Well there will be again some day. I am the queen of knowledge when it comes to cloth diapering. I dare you to ask me a question.

    We are building a house. We're not just having it all built by some contractor either. Nope, I AM the building contractor. I will be busy. How will this happen, you ask? Two children to groom and feed (lets be honest....two kiddos, a doggy, AND one husband to groom and feed...), a house to keep, and a house to build. Hmmmmmmmmm. TBC

  2. This morning I am supposed to take the plans into this guy who draws plans up on Chief architect. He is also the building inspector for our county, so I feel pretty confident that he will know how to put together a good set of plans. You can check out my facebook photos if you would like to see the house drawings. It's a ranch-style house with a "Colorado look". I hope we can afford to build this house. The only way to know is to get a materials list. It comes to 2622 sq ft now. The house we live in is a 1900 sq ft farm house. We'll soon see.