Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wallaroo All-In-2 one-sized diaper

The Wallaroo AI2:
1. Is an AI2 diaper (ALL in 2 means that you lay in a liner. b/c of their unique dog-bone shape they stay in place effortlessly).
2. Is made of PUL (polyurethane laminate water proof fabric) and microfleece (thin water resistant fabric keeps baby's bum dry) and microfiber (super absorbant microcloth)
3. Has super strong velcro or snap closures (just email me and tell me your preference)
4. Has stay close laundry tabs for velcro closure
5. Is a One size diaper (fits babies 8-35 lbs.)
6. Has elastic around the legs and back for a snug fit.
7. Is lightweight and plush but still thin.
8. Requires no cover! Does not leak!

If your baby is a heavy wetter then try doubling up with my trifold microliner that is easy to clean and dry for only $1.50 extra. I also have a little bit of lime green if you are interested.

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