Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm not sure why I'm writing a blog.

So, I don't really know why I am writing a blog. yes, I know I just repeated the title. But, I'm not! So, maybe I need to accomplish some goals..... It seems kinda motivational.....Telling the whole world everything about me, then whole world wanting me to accomplish something, yada, yada, yada.... This might be too much pressure. No, I really need to do this. I really do feel like my life is not my the "man" is controlling me. I shouldn't. I stay at home with the kids (2 & 4). I don't feel like we have any financial stress, I have a loving marriage, I love and speak often to God and yet I still feel like there just isn't that much to life. The whole world works all day long, comes home, eats dinner, gets the kids to bed, gets online, and then goes to bed. What am I trying to accomplish here? I guess....if I have some goals and do some cool stuff, then I would feel like I was interesting. Or something. But my "worldly" goals are all there. We are building a house ourselves, I ran a diaper business out of the home, I feel like I am an outstanding mother (the only "homework" I've ever cared to do), I have a often messy but happy little home in the country complete with giant garden and old maple trees and I often talk to God. Man, that does sound like a cute little life I lead. Like something out of "Little House on the Prairie" or something. (Only I have high speed internet, and a cell phone.) I'll think on my goals. For now, I'll just promise to write in this little blog for a while. Ok, how about 30 days. It's probably best if I'm specific.


  1. I think you should look into what's called 101 in 1001. It's about setting goals and achieving them. Pushing your boundaries just enough to make your life that much more fulfilling.

    Officially called the Day Zero Project:

    I've got mine up in my blog for ideas.

    I also think from your "about me" on your blog here, one of your goals should be to create an oil painting once a month. Keeps you moving and forces you to make time for yourself.

  2. I like that. a painting a month. pushing my boundaries. It sounds good.