Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bamboo Fleece diaper


I am pleased to introduce my new organic bamboo fleece line of diapers. Once you try this one, you may never go back to diapering as you once knew it!

The Wallaroo One size fitted BAMBOO cloth diaper.

Give your baby the very best diaper. I used this diaper for my own baby and I know it is the highest grade fitted diaper that a parent can buy. It is unsurpassed in fit and style if you would like quick, clean-smelling, and unstained diapers at a reasonable cost.

The Wallaroo top ten:

The Wallaroo fitted....

1.fits babies from 8-35 lbs.

2.is made of Bamboo FLeece with velcro closures.

3.has extra soft velcro zig-zag stitched into the inside of the diaper for a fold over adjustable diaper. This really works!

4.has sewn in stay close laundry tabs made of the same extra soft velcro to prevent the hook velcro from filling with lint or attaching itself to other diapers and making a diaper chain in the dryer.

5.has a Bamboo fleece and microfiber terry absorbent liner which absorbs an amazing ¾ cup of liquid. If you purchase my tri-fold microfiber liner doubler for $1.50 then it absorbs a total of 1 ½ cups of liquid for overnight!

6.only has 2 layers of fabric sewn together to eliminate the “funky” smell problem that some diapers acquire and dries quickly. (The fleece liner has 3 layers, but no "funk")

7.is constructed of high quality fabric, tight stitches, elastic in legs and back, and topstitched to guarantee it will last through several babies.

8.can be bleached!

9.will save you tons of money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

10.will be your new beloved fitted diaper. (if one can love a fitted diaper!)

PS...Fitted diapers REQUIRE A COVER, or rubber pants! Check out these and other items in my store.

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  1. I would like to buy 2 of your wallaroo fitted diapers. I would also like the microfleece top layer to keep baby's bum dry. Thank you!!